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How to make dreadlocks from kanekalon


How to make dreadlocks from kanekalon</a>

Dreadlocks are not just an element of fashion, they are a special perception of the world.

One day, the god Jah will descend to earth and pull out all "his" for dreadlocks into a bright future. But how to become a happy owner of dreadlocks and not to spoil the hair?

For this, today there are safe dreadlocks, which are quite simple to make at home.

You will need

  • Kanekalon - 2-3 packs, depending on the desired length, thickness and number of dreadlocks
  • Comb with small denticles
  • scissors
  • hair straightener
  • Damp cloth
  • Thin gum



Separate a small strand of kanekalon, bend it in half and tie up the folding place with an elastic band. We fix the lock for improvised items (chair, table, bed ...) so that it does not move.


Start combing one of the halvesStrands. To do this, move the comb along the curl up and down, so that gradually our kneading turns into a homogeneous koltun. To make the dreads more qualitative and smooth, this step should be given special attention.


When our koltun is sufficiently confused, we can begin to twist it. It is better to keep the dredge closer to the bottom, twisting it gently so that it turns out to be uniform in thickness.


Next, you have to wet our damp wetCloth. After that we take a heated rectifier and begin to carefully process the curl, stopping at each site for 2-3 seconds. When the dreadna straightened up and fixed, repeat the entire procedure with 2 steps.


After the dreading is ready completely (2 halves), you can straighten the hairs with scissors.

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