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How to make dreadlocks from kanekalona

How to make dreadlocks from kanekalona

Dreadlocks - not just an element of fashion, this particular perception of the world.

One day God will come down to earth Jha and pull all of "their" dreadlocks for a bright future. But how to become a happy owner dreads and not to spoil the hair at the same time?

To do this today, and there are safe dreadlocks, which are fairly easy to make at home.

You will need

  • kanekalon - 3.2 packing, depending on the desired length, thickness and number of dreadlocks
  • comb with fine teeth
  • scissors
  • hair straightener
  • damp cloth
  • thin gum



Separating a small section kanekalona, ​​folded in half and fold bandages place a rubber band. Fix the lock of henchmen for items (chair, table, bed ...), so that she did not move.


Getting tease comb one halfstrands. To do this, we drive along the comb curl up and down, to our gradually turned into uniform strand mats. Dreadlocks to get better and smooth, this step should be paid special attention.


When our Koltun quite mixed up, you can begin to twist it. Dredinu best to keep close to the bottom, gently twisting so that it receives a uniform thickness.


Next you need to obmatat our dredinu wetcloth. Then take a hot straightener and start to gently handle lock, stopping at each site for 2-3 seconds. When dredina straightened and entrenched, repeat the entire procedure from step 2.


After dredina fully ready (2 halves), you can trim the scissors sticking out hairs.

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