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How do dreadlocks


How do dreadlocks</a>

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle made of evenly tangled hair along the entire length, which are obtained using a special technique of weaving.

This hairstyle needs to be adjusted as the hair grows.

You will need

  • - Comb for combing-
  • - hair clips-
  • - Eraser for hair-
  • - woolen yarn-
  • - wax for hair.



Estimate the length and condition of your hair. After twisting, the size of the strands will decrease by one third, so 15 cm is the minimum hair length for this hairstyle. Consider that dreadlocks will not improve the condition of your curls. On the contrary, after weaving hair can be seriously damaged, and they will have to be cut short.


Wash your head with soap the day before the procedureWeaving of dreadlocks. Do not use the conditioner to make hair more difficult to tangle. In beauty salons, weave a chemical perm for this purpose before weaving.


Divide the hair into strands approximatelyforefinger. The optimal number is 20-50 strands. At the base of each dreadlocks should be a square with a side of one and a half centimeters or less. Separate locks secure with hairpins or thin elastic bands. Carefully divide the hair, so that short hairs from one site do not fall on the other, otherwise dreadlocks can "grow together" at the roots.


Use a special comb with denticlesDifferent lengths for creating naches. Carefully scratch each strand, moving from the tips of hair to the roots. This procedure may take several hours. The denser you scratch your hair, the better your dreadlocks will be.


Twist each strand, rubbing it with the palms, until it turns into a dense hair harness. For the volume to the dreadlocks, woolen threads can be added at this stage.


Form the rounded ends of the dreadlocks. To do this, carefully scratch each tip, tighten it and tighten it with a rubber band at a distance of 1 cm from the end. Each dread carefully handle the entire length of hair wax.


Within two weeks, roll every dayStrand one or two times. Wash hair with soap or natural shampoo. Do not use conditioner or balsam. After two weeks, remove the gum from the tips of the hair.

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