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How to make dreadlocks

How to make dreadlocks

Dreadlocks - hair is tangled by uniformly from the entire length of the hair strands which are obtained by using a special weaving technique.

Such hair must be adjusted as hair growth.

You will need

  • - Comb nachesyvaniya-
  • - zakolki-
  • - Gum for hair-
  • - Wool niti-
  • - Hair wax.



Rate the length and condition of your hair. After twisting strands size is reduced by one-third, so 15 cm - the minimum length of hair for this hairstyle. Please note that the dreadlocks will not improve the condition of your tresses. On the contrary, after the unwound hair can be seriously damaged, and they have a short cut.


Wash with soap head the day before the procedure,weaving dreadlocks. Do not use the air conditioner to the hair was easy to confuse. In beauty salons before weaving for this purpose make light perm.


Divide the hair into strands with a thickness of approximatelyforefinger. The optimum amount - 20-50 strands. At the base of each Dred should be based on the square with a side of half a centimeter or less. The separated strands attach pins or thin rubber bands. Carefully separate the hair to short hair from one area to another do not fall, or dreadlocks can "grow together" at the roots.


Take advantage of a special comb with teethdifferent lengths to create a fleece. Carefully nacheshite each strand, moving from the tips of the hair to the roots. This procedure may take several hours. The denser you nacheshete hair, the better will be dreadlocks.


Each strand tighten, rubbing her hands, until it does not turn into a thick plait of hair. For volume to dreadlocks at this point you can add a woolen thread.


Shape rounded tips dreadlocks. To do this, carefully nacheshite each tip, screw it tightly and secure with a rubber band at a distance of 1 cm from the end. Each dread carefully treat the entire length of hair wax.


For two weeks every roll the dailystrand one or two times. Wash your hair with natural soap or shampoo. Do not use the air conditioner or balm. After two weeks, remove the rubber bands from the hair ends.

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