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HOW to make discreet makeup

How to make a discreet makeup

A natural, discreet makeup - top art make-up artist. It aims to improve the look, hide the signs of age and fatigue, and it does not show the whole palette of lipsticks, shadows and blush.

This makeup can be done independently.

It is only necessary to purchase high-quality cosmetics and practice in the mirror.

Consider the advice and professional make-up artists - they will help you to look not only natural, but also beautiful.

You will need

  • - Moisturizing sredstvo-
  • - makeup base-
  • - Silicon liquid tone
  • - loose powder-
  • - korrektor-
  • - Powder or blush color zagara-
  • - lip balm-
  • - Shadow brovey-
  • - mascara-
  • - A set of brushes, sponges and applicators.



For subtle makeup, choose productsnatural tones. Professional makeup artists use several shades - this approach allows you to carefully lighten or darken areas of the face. For example, a dark tone and accentuate cheekbones hide "floated" the chin and give the face a bright glow. Preferred to use a liquid tone cream with light-reflecting particles and transparent friable powder. Do not forget the dense cream corrector, which will hide minor skin imperfections.


Avoid bright blush, shadows and mascara color. Your selection - beige and brown colors for the eyes, and bright pink blush. For smuglyanok blush can be replaced with powdered tan - it is well accentuate the cheekbones, but it will not look bright spot. Black mascara creates a very dramatic way. Replace it with a dark brown or black and gray. These funds will soften the look and are ideal for daytime makeup.


Before a session make good, clean and moistenface. On the prepared skin cosmetics will form a thin, even layer, as if merging with it. Do not use fatty creams - better used for moistening tonic, emulsion, or water-based gels.


If the skin is uneven, it is best to use the foundation ofmakeup. She hides pores, give a face gloss. Choose a liquid or gel-like tool with a slight matte effect and highlights. Over distribute liquid foundation. Proceed sponge, as if driving a tone the skin. Such a method will securely hide skin defects, the coating is invisible. Bruises under the eyes, age spots and traces of pimples hide using beige corrector. Carefully hammer it with his fingertips, ensuring complete stealth. Secure Makeup crumbly powder in a translucent color.


On the convex part of the cheek, place a thin layer of soft pink blush or powder tan. Blend tool fluffy round brush, moving to the temples and the lower jaw.


Nakraste lips matte beige-pink lipstick orPut them transparent balm. The latter option is suitable only for those whose lips have the nature of a bright color. Do not let the contour pencil. To lipstick fell gently, distribute it with your fingertip, soft pat.


Be sure to Apply for eyebrows - they will give facewell-groomed appearance. Vyschipite excess hair, preserving the natural pattern of arcs. Slightly emphasize the brows gray-brown or dark-beige shades. Instead, you can use colored shadows wax or very soft pencil with applicator. Do not make the eyebrows are too dark, they will add you to visually decade. The upper eyelid can be emphasized beige, cream or gray-brown shadows. The final touch - lengthening mascara gray or chocolate shades.

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