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How to make a decorative tree

The tree symbolizes strength and loyalty

The tree symbolizes loyalty, strength, peace and enlightenment.

In Christianity, in iconography, the tree - a symbol of the God-given life. It is no wonder they say "Tree of Life".

Tree as if connects heaven and earth. It is reliable, fruitful.

Often, a tree to decorate the house - it's intuitive desire to stabilize the situation in the family, to consolidate peace and quiet, pay more attention to spiritual growth.

Whatever it was, this impulse is beautiful and it is easy to implement.

You will need

  • - karandash-
  • - Klein
  • - Old gazety-
  • - Dry stvol-
  • - Assembly pena-
  • - Paint graffiti-
  • - Decorative ornaments.



You can make a tree directly on the wall. To do this, draw a pencil outline of the tree. Its trunk is necessary to cover the sausages, rolled up of crumpled paper or napkins. They need to glue PVC glue along the barrel, and when they dry out, cover with brown paint. That will have a texture very similar to the bark of a tree. The leaves of such a tree also is possible to make volume - of paper. To make a fruit-bearing tree, it can be decorated with plastic fruit. And yet settled on the branch wise owl.


To make a three-dimensional tree, needs drytree trunk. The bucket or vase it should be fixed with foam. When the foam has dried, the barrel can be painted with paint from a container. Choice of color - a matter of personal preference and imagination. The foam can be covered floral perfume, branches decorate at will - leaves, balls, woven from twigs, artificial flowers and fruits. And you can create a tree that instead of leaves are crystal stones, emoticons, or coins.


Another version of an artificial tree for the house -wood, elements of which are woven from beads and stones. To create such a tree, you need to buy a book on beading, buy beads, stones, wire, thread, carefully follow the instructions of the book. Attach the finished tree in a vase can also use foam.

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