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How to make decorations for the Christmas tree

How to make decorations for the Christmas tree

Today in stores rich assortment of Christmas toys, so many families tradition handicrafts ornaments for the Christmas tree with his hands almost lost.

Meanwhile, any, even the most expensive luxury goods, can not compare to homemade.

a variety of handy tools can come in handy for Christmas decoration.



Natural material. If before the winter you collected cones, acorns and chestnuts - just wrap them in foil and make loops of thread. "Silver" cones and balls ready! From smaller acorns can make beads, strung them on a long strong thread.


Balloons and thread. With their help, you can create any shape in the form of a ball: - Inflate three balls so that each next was more than the previous
- Lubricate them in any kremom-
- Take the empty container from the pharmacy medicines, plastic, and do otverstiya- needle on both sides
- Fill the container stationery glue and thread it through the hole white nit-
- Dragging the thread through the hole (it is uniformly wetted with glue), tightly wrap shariki-
- Allow the glue to dry, pierce balloons needle and pull them-
- Make a snowman, sew all the components. Draw eyes and mouth gouache, red sew fabric nose-carrot and tamp it with cotton wool.


Eggshell. Carefully perform the two holes at the top and bottom of the shell and blow out the contents. Paint an empty egg in the color you want and decorate it with glitter. Pass the thread through the hole to form a loop. Downstairs unit secure with beads. You can stick to the whole egg shells ears, noses, paws, tails of colored paper - funny animals are obtained.


Paper figures. To make using paper, glue and paints ornamentation for the Christmas tree, you can use sheets ofprint and electronic magazines "DIY" or fantasizing, creating toys on their own drawings. So get out of paper cones Funny family of penguins: - Draw a semicircle on the landscape liste-
- Cut out and glue it blank konusom-
- On each side of the blade, cut the two polosy-
- Make a figure in the form of boat (penguin wings) and paint it in black color-
- Insert the side wings otverstiya-
- Draw a circle-of-sided hat colored paper and cut the nail scissors in the center of a small hole
- Nahlobuchte hat on the tip konusa-
- Now all you have to draw eyes, glued underneath a bow tie from colored paper and sew the eyelet.


Candy wrappers. Do not throw away wrappers from the gifts that the children got on New Year's morning. Make of them Christmas decorations. Bright butterflies of them can make even a preschooler. On a butterfly leaves two candy wrappers. Fold each flap in an accordion on the diagonal, then fold them in half and tie a long thin ribbon - for it you tie floating "insect" to the Christmas tree branch.

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