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How to make curtains out of felt

How to make curtains out of felt

The hands you can do anything you want.

It turns out that even the curtains they are subject.

I suggest you make a very unusual curtains of felt.

You will need

  • - fetr-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - stakan-
  • - marker
  • - nitki-
  • - sewing machine.



So, take the felt. We need to cut off the right amount of material. Its amount will depend on the size of the window, and on the length of the curtains, you want to do.


We spread our working material on a flatthe surface, take a glass, applying it to the felt and draw out. So do all the other circles. In order to save fabric, to do items close to each other.


Once you obvedete required number of circles, you can proceed to the next step, the very long and tiring, to carving details.


Now spread the cut parts in neat rows. The length of the series depends on the width of the curtain. If you do the opposite, that is, the length is not very convenient to work with our product.


With the help of a sewing machine sew our elements. The same make with all other rows.


After all rows of stitching horizontal, we begin to stitch them vertically. After sewing Fasten our product rings for curtains. Curtains made of felt ready!

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