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How to make curtains from CDs


How to make curtains from CDs</a>

Do you have a huge number of CDs? Well, you are very lucky!

Of these, you can make a huge number of all kinds of handicrafts.

I offer you the simplest - curtains from CDs.

You will need

  • - CD-disks-
  • - stationery clips-
  • - drill-
  • - A marker.



Before we begin to manufacture ourCrafts, you need to determine its size. After the size is determined, you need to expand all the disks in order, that is, as they will be located already on the finished product. Next, take the marker and use it to map the holes for the holes. The number of holes on each disc may be different. It all depends on where it is, for example, if in the middle, then you need 4 holes, on the side - 2.


After the holes are scheduled, you need to takeDrill, make a small number of revolutions on it and install a thin drill. Put the discs on a wooden rail and start drilling. Do everything very carefully. Disks - a thing much fragile, can be strongly deformed.


With the help of clips, as you are already certainYou guessed it, you need to connect CDs. Curtains of the discs need to be done gradually, so first you need to connect them with paper clips into chains, and only then into a single canvas. It is not necessary to make a curtain rectangular. It will look very beautiful and unusual, if you do it diagonally. Such a product will decorate any room!

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