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How to make curtains from CD-ROM drive

How to make curtains from a CD-ROM drive

You have accumulated a huge number of CDs? Well, you are very lucky!

Of them can make a huge number of all kinds of crafts.

I offer you the most simple - the curtains of the CD-ROM drive.

You will need

  • - CD-discs-
  • - Stationery skrepki-
  • - drel-
  • - Marker.



Before the production of ourcrafts, you need to decide on its size. Once the size has been determined, you need to put all the drives in the order that is the way they will be located already on the finished product. Then take a token and use it to mark the location for holes. The number of holes on each disc may differ. It depends on where it is located, for example, if in the middle, the necessary holes 4, on the side - 2.


After the holes are planned, it is necessary to takedrill, do it on a small number of turns and a delicate drill. Place the discs on a wooden rail, and start drilling. Do everything very carefully. Discs - something much more fragile, can greatly deformed.


With the help of clips, as you probably alreadyguessed, you must connect the CD-ROM. Curtains of the disks should be done gradually, so you first need to connect their paper clips in the chain, and only then in a unified fabric. It is not necessary to make a rectangular shade. It will look very beautiful and unusual, if you do it on a diagonal. This product will decorate any room!

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