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HOW to make crafts out of tires

How to make crafts out of tires

Crafts for the garden of the tires already, perhaps, no surprise.

Craftsmen do have a lot of beautiful things: flower beds, garden figurines, swing.

However, tires can be made and other original and useful things, for example, clocks and furniture.

You will need

  • For watchmaking:
  • - Bicycle pokryshka-
  • - Hour gear-
  • - fanera-
  • - kraska-
  • - kistochka-
  • - Piece provoloki-
  • - lobzik-
  • - Drill.
  • For the production of mirrors:
  • - Bicycle pokryshka-
  • - Spray with kraskoy-
  • - Mirror.
  • For the production of furniture:
  • - car tires-
  • - kraska-
  • - Spray or kistochka-
  • - shurupovert-
  • - samorezy-
  • - fanera-
  • - porolon-
  • - the cloth.



Watch for motorist
For the manufacture of original hours, take the tire off the bike. In principle, you can use the tires of any diameter, but is best suited from the small child's bicycle.


Attach the tire to a sheet of plywood and draw itcircumferentially. Jigsaws Saw circle, paint it. Find the middle of the circle, make a hole using a drill and insert the clock mechanism with arrows. It can be removed from the old clock or acquire new stores for needlework.


The resulting range of insert into the tire, then applymarkup. This can be a conventional brush and paint or glue or nuts shaybochki liquid nails or glue "Moment". Pieces of wire at the back of the eyelet screw hours, so they can be hung on a wall.


Mirror avtolyubitelnitsy
also need to look beautiful, is not it in the garage? Take the tire of a bicycle wheel. Paint it silver or gold paint.


Cut mirror, its diameter must be equal to the diameter of the tire. Cut mirror exactly the circle will help you in a specialized workshop. Insert a mirror into the frame of the tire.


Table and ottoman made of tires
To make the table, take 2 or 3 tires. Thoroughly clean and degrease them. Then paint in the desired color to paint covered the surface as evenly as possible, do it with the help of the gun or cartridge.


Now put a tire on her second and fasten them together using the cordless screwdriver and screws.


Of plywood jigsaw cut the countertop. It can be round or square. Paint it to match the tire or make a contrasting color. Place on the prepared base of the tire and fasten with screws. Slightly utaplivaja cap in plywood that screws are not visible, seal the filler opening. When it dries, sand the color and tone in the countertop.


For padded stools will need one or two tiresR12 or R13 in diameter, depending on the desired height. Prepare and paint the bus, made of thick foam cushion carve out that would fit snugly into the hole in the tire. Foam obsheyte suitable cloth and insert it into the tire. Ottoman ready.

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