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How to make a dacha


How to make a dacha</a>

The household plot is, probably, in every family in our country.

As you want sometimes, after weeding the beds there was where to rest.

Many are frightened of the very process of construction and spending associated with it, but the construction of a house on a suburban site? It's not so fantastic an idea as it might seem at first glance.



Because the country house? This is the place for work and for recreation, it is important to plan the plot correctly and build a house.


When planning a site in the first placeIndicate where you will have residential and farm buildings: a house, a garden tools warehouse, a toilet, perhaps (even desirable) a summer shower, a basic greenhouse, a compost pit. Sidewalks should be laid to these buildings. Then think about where you will break the garden, where the plots and so on.


The main thing in a country house? It's reliability, strength and durability. To begin construction it is necessary with research of the earth on which there is your site. From the proximity to the surface of groundwater and the properties of the soil itself, the type of foundation will depend. If the water is close to the surface, it is necessary before the construction to take them out from under the site, having arranged a drainage system.


If the groundwater is deep, and the soil itself is notFluid, it will be enough to excavate the excavation so that the foundation is below the freezing point of the soil. The bottom of the excavation is leveled, a layer of construction sand is poured and carefully rammed. After the formwork is installed along the future walls of your holiday home and poured with concrete. Concrete should not dry too quickly, otherwise deformations may appear, so the foundation is covered with a film and periodically watered.


Construction of walls? This is the next stage of construction. From the choice of material for the house will depend on its durability and properties in operation. If you only need a roof over your head during the summer, and in winter you do not want to go there, then the panel house will be completely covered, but if your goal is to build a solid house, then a brick or log house? This is what you need. The easier the material from which the walls will be, the easier and cheaper to establish the foundation. For example, the columnar will cost 3 times cheaper than the traditional tape foundation.


Well, the roof is all over the head. The shape of the roof can be very diverse, usually put gable roofs, they are easy to install and convenient to use? The water does not stay on them. On the perimeter of the roof, be sure to install a drainage system, which you bring to the storage tank. Such a system has many pluses and the main one? You will always have water for irrigation.


In the construction of the dacha, the main thing is to start, and if it seems to you that it will not end, imagine how you will lie on the couch, crunching a freshly picked cucumber, and the forces will return!

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