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How to make cottage

How to make cottage

Farmland is, probably, every family in our country.

As sometimes I want to make it after weeding the beds where to rest.

Many are scared of the process of construction and spending associated with it, but the construction of a house on a suburban area? this idea is not so fantastic as it may seem at first glance.



Since the cottage? is a place for work and for leisure, it is important to properly plan the land and build a house.


When planning the first portionSchedule, where you will be located residential and commercial buildings: a house, a warehouse garden tools, toilet, possible (even desirable), outside shower, fundamental greenhouses, compost pit. These buildings must be laid sidewalks. Then think over where smash garden where gryadochki and so on.


The main thing in a country house? reliability, strength and durability. To begin the construction is necessary to study the land on which your site is. From near the surface of the ground water and the properties of the soil will depend on the type of foundation. If the water close to the surface, it is necessary to take them out of the building, under the site, arranging the drainage system.


If the groundwater is deep, and the ground is notflowable, it is enough to dig a trench in such a way that turned out to be the foundation below the soil freezing. Bottom line the pit, pour a layer of mortar sand and tamp thoroughly. After set the formwork along the walls of your future holiday home and poured concrete. Concrete does not dry too quickly, or may appear deformation, so the foundation is closed film and periodically watered.


The construction of the walls? is the next stage of construction. From the choice of material will depend Housing and durability properties in service. If you need a roof over their heads during the summer harvest season, and you are not going to go there in the winter to go, the shield house completely get away, but if your goal is to deliver a solid house, a brick or a log cabin? this is what we need. The lighter material from which the walls are, the easier and cheaper to install a foundation. For example, columnar cost 3 times cheaper than the traditional strip foundation.


Well, the roof around the head. The shape of the roof can be very diverse, usually put a gable roof, they are easy to install and easy to operate? water does not stay on them. Along the perimeter of the roof is required to install the drainage system, which is output to the storage tank. This system has many advantages, and the main one? you'll always have water for irrigation.


In construction cottages importantly - start, and if you feel that it will never end, imagine how you will lie on the couch, crunching freshly picked cucumbers, and power back!

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