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How to make cosmetic repairs

update house

The desire to upgrade your apartment, sooner or later appear in each host.

To do this, make cosmetic repairs.

In most cases, it involves changing the wallpaper and update (or repainting a new whitewash) ceiling.

If the ceiling is updated and supplemented wallpaper rearrangement of furniture, the room is able to take a whole new look.

You will need

  • Wallpaper, paint for the ceiling, plaster, glue for wallpaper, tools



Remove old wallpaper
Old wallpaper after the preliminary soaking, as a rule, are removed relatively easily. The places where they are not moved away from the wall surface, soak, and treated with a spatula until their complete removal.

Remove the old wallpaper


Deleted whitewash or paint the ceiling.
If the ceiling in the room was whitewashed, it is pre-moistened. Then an old whitewashed with plaster removed using a wide spatula.
Paint from the ceiling surface is usually removed easily without pre-treatment with a spatula.


Belitsya or painted ceiling.
Before painting or whitewashing the ceiling it should beplaster. The best option is considered complete plaster when her new coat is applied over the entire surface. In this way, it turns out the most smooth and level surface.
Whitewash produced using the spray gun. If the ceiling is painted, pre-coated with the primer layer of the diluted ink. It also uses the spray gun.

Belitsya or painted ceiling.


glued wallpaper
A roll of wallpaper is marked and is cut into stripsdesired length. Then, the reverse side of the strip is smeared with glue and applied to the top. Thereafter, it is gradually applied over the entire length and is smoothed by the middle towards the edges. This is done to remove air bubbles from under the surface of the sheet of wallpaper. Wallpaper pasting produce consistently around the room.

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