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HOW to make locks on garage doors swing

How to make locks on garage doors swing

Cars have always attracted the attention of criminal personalities. This makes the car owners to take high precautions.

To protect their vehicles against theft, on garage doors can be installed constipation, which designs and performance options abound.

You will need

  • - Wooden bruski-
  • - shvellery-
  • - Nails, bolty-
  • - Drill with a drill on metallu-
  • - welding machine.



Regarding the direction of closing and placesconstipation location for swing gates can be horizontal, vertical and complementary. Depending on the design, they are divided into the mortise, overhead sliding, overhead union, rotary, screw, and many others. The most common design is constipation-spinner for the manufacture of which requires a minimum of materials and tools. Buy constipation like "spinner" today is not possible to provide, as it did not produce. But it's easy to make yourself.


To make the constipation of the type "spinner", you will need a piece of wood 5-10 cm thick and 1.5 m long. Hold beams are channels that will need to be fixed.


Attach the bar in the middle bythrough bolt so that the bolt can move itself easy pivoting movements along rails having a wedge shape. In the process of closing the door, the sash should rest against the door unit. Channel can be attached using a drill or a metal welder.


Attach one channel just above, and the other - a bit later. Sam the bar, which must be rotated anti-clockwise, screw the middle of the door edge, opening inwards.


Attach the rail-fence to the right gate wing withoutside. She would have to speak at 20-30 mm. If the flaps are covered with metal siding, rail will act as a stop. Constipation-spinner does not require additional bolts. From the outside parts of the castle are not available, and therefore open it will not work.


Another type of bolt which is used forHinged gate type garage is constipation such as "barrier". To make it, to fix the bar for its edge in the second third. Sees fit from the middle of the leaf. Channel larger attach at the edge of a leaf, and a smaller - in the second third of the other so that the bar is raised similarly to the barrier.

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