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How to Make Colored Sand


How to Make Colored Sand</a>

Creating paintings from colored sand is incredibleBeautiful and unusual kind of art. But making colored sand for creativity in itself can be an exciting process for both children and adults.

Colored sand is a simple mixture of ordinary sand and dye (it can be of different types).

You can use the sand of all colors of the rainbow made by your own hand to create images in the original technique or to fill glass containers for decorating the interior.

You will need

  • - Sea or river sand of light shade-
  • - dyes: tempera powder, gouache, food colorings, aerosol paints-
  • - small capacity-
  • - water-
  • - a stick or spoon for stirring sand-
  • - Paper for drying sand (newspapers, paper towels, etc.).



Find the required number (by the number of colors,In which you plan to paint sand) small containers for the preparation of colored sand. It is very convenient to use for this purpose ziplock bags (Ziplock), zip fastening. When mixed in such bags, sand mixes well with the dye and does not spill out.


Take the sand and sift it through a sieve to remove unwanted pebbles, blades of grass and similar rubbish. The lighter the sand you find, the more bright the color will be in the process of its coloring.


Fill the prepared containers with sand approx.Three quarters (so that later it was convenient to mix the sand, and he did not get enough sleep from a jar or bowl). Do not paint the sand at the same time in large quantities, since it will be necessary to dry it for a long time, and it will become too dull and uneven.


If you use dry sandingA powder of tempera, then add the dye to dry sand (about one teaspoon of dry tempera with half a glass of sand) and mix them thoroughly. Then add a small amount of water so that the sand only becomes wet. Again, mix the mixture thoroughly, making sure that the sand is uniformly colored.


If you use food colors orDiluted in water paint, then first it is better to soak the sand, and then add paint to it. Then carefully mix the mixture, evenly distributing the pigment in the sand.


Mixing the ingredients in a jar or bowl, use a stick or spoon. In bags, sand is mixed with the dye by massaging the movements of the hands - this process is like kneading the dough.


After mixing the sand with the dye, leave the mixture for about 30 minutes, so that the sand is well dyed.


Pour the colored sand onto sheets of paper or large disposable paper disposable plates. Spread the sand as thinly as possible and dry it for 24 hours.


Now colored sand is ready for further use in your work.

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