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How to make colored foam

How to make colored foam

You are looking for a new experience when bathing?

Colored foam will please you and lift your spirits.

Excellent and interesting entertainment for adults and children.

Bathing will be fun for your children.

You will need

  • - Food colorings
  • - Liquid soap
  • - Mixing Bowl



In mixing bowl, add 2 cups of liquidsoap and 1/4 cup water. Do not mix, make sure that enough water to foam. The more water - the more will get the foam, most importantly do not overdo it.


Add food coloring. It is more convenient to add them, if you purchased the dyes in tubes. You will need about 5 grams of the same color.


Select several beautiful colors, choose the brightest. Mix the resulting mass. Add in the bath to see a fabulous foam.

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