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How to make cold porcelain of PVA glue

Cold porcelain is most often used for the production of flowers, strikingly similar to the real thing.

This is a very flexible material that acquires strength and hardness after drying in air.

You will need

  • - PVA glue labeled D2, D3 - 1 cup
  • - Corn starch - 1 cup
  • - Glycerol - 1 tsp
  • - Lemon juice - 1st.l. spoon (or a couple drops of vinegar)
  • - Baby oil - 1 tbsp
  • - hand cream
  • - Vaseline



Measure a cup of PVA glue and pour it into the pan.


Add to the glycerol, oil and lemon juice. All mix until smooth.


Measure the same cup corn starch and progressively vsypte it in the liquid mixture. Leave for 10 minutes.


Put the pan on a little fire and stir constantly with wooden or silicone spatula. When the mass starts to lag behind the wall and knock in one lump around the blades, turn off the stove.


On a flat surface (eg cuttingboard wrapped with cling film) Put the resulting mass com and kneaded his hands smeared with cream. When you get a uniform density ball with stringy structure, cold porcelain will be ready.


Food film grease with Vaseline, and put cold porcelain bowl. Leave for a day at room temperature. After this cold porcelain can be used.


For cold porcelain color split into several parts, each adding a dye and knead thoroughly.

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