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How to make coffee heart

How to make coffee heart

of coffee beans Crafts are becoming very popular. And why would they not become so if they are not only beautiful, but also to publish on my own pleasant and intense aroma?

Try to make the heart of the coffee beans.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • - Old unnecessary gazety-
  • - coffee beans-
  • - skotch-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - nitki-
  • - Brown acrylic kraska-
  • - Cotton discs-
  • - kistochka-
  • - zubochistki-
  • - Sticks of morozhenogo-
  • - Pencil.



Take the cardboard and draw on it with a pencilthe heart of the right size, then cut it out. Also this material needs to draw and cut the workpiece 4 has a rectangle. They will play the role of the bird house.


Once all the details are complete, you canstart tinkering this hack. First you need to stick to the center of the future of the coffee heart 4 cardboard rectangle. Simply lubricate the ends of the parts and glue, respectively, glue them so as to form a square.


After the glue has dried and a square wallheld fairly well, you can continue working. The next step is the formation volume in crafts. This is all probably already guessed, you need to do with the old useless papers - are necessary to form a kind of "pads". These parts must be glued to the cardboard base. Do everything very carefully, trying not to newspaper climbs over the edge of the heart. If you have the free space between the paper bundles, simply make a "pad" of a size that just fill all the gaps.


Now you need to adjust the shape of a littlethe future of the coffee heart with adhesive tape. Just drag them glued newspapers convolution. Thus all the hack to be wrapped. bird's nest - only one place no need to bandaging.


Coming up with a cotton pad need to softenunder the tree. To do this, they have all the heart overlaid so as not to affect his focus. For transitions between cotton discs are not visible, you should wrap the thread crafts.


On the resulting billet is necessary to put the brown acrylic paint with a brush. If you do not, the kitchen sponge quite descend for it.


After staining articles made of cardboard cut another heart exactly the same size. It is to be glued to the back side of the coffee heart.


Time to decorate the bird's nest. To do this, take the stick from the ice cream and glue them on the edges of the square, after having measured them and cut off the excess.
From toothpicks and sticks make the same window, which will then need to attach to the loop.


It remains only to paste the entire article coffee beans, then put the bird in its nest. Coffee heart is ready! If you want you can decorate this hack all kinds of ribbons and beads.

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