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How to make clickable inscription

How to make clickable inscription

When building a website it is important that the design of its members helped to attract new users due to ease of access to information.

Clickable element - the inscription, which is noticeable and understandable to the visitor, ie, a person to click on a link.

This effect can be achieved with the help of colorful and intuitive graphic inserts.



The inscription, called clickable, shouldattract the user's attention and stand out from the rest of the page content. Do not forget that the element is required to have a certain functionality, the user must know which menu he will get after clicking on this link.


To create a clickable link, you canuse graphic elements. Draw your right color registration site button with the inscription on it in a graphics program. You can also use ready-made graphics solutions on the Internet, visit sites devoted to drawing images to the webmaster.


, You must insert it in to upload an imageHTML-code pages. To do this, open the site a document in a text editor, clicking the right mouse button on the file and selecting the section "Open With." In the resulting list, select the editor application, which you use to edit pages. You can also use the standard in Windows «notebook».


Go to the section of code that you would like to paste labels. Then enter the appropriate descriptor. For example:

% E2% 80% 9C% D0% BF% D1% 83% D1% 82% D1% 8C_% D0% B4


This code will create a link to a graphicelement, where "adres_dlya_perehoda" - the page on which the user will be redirected to after clicking on the inscription. "Put_do_kartinki" - a place where your key file is located. To avoid difficulties when searching for an image, place it in a directory on the file page, and in the parameter src specify the exact name. The parameters width and height specify the image size in pixels, for example, 100 and 50.


Save the file and open it in"Open With" menu through the web browser. Create clickable labels completed. If the picture does not appear, please check the spelling of the code and the specified path to the image.

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