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How to make Christmas wreath and Christmas tree

Christmas wreath

Decorate the apartment for the New Year with colorful garlands and small homemade Christmas tree made of fir branches.

These compositions have a sufficient basis - frame in the form of a wreath and the cone.

Christmas wreath

- provoloka-

- moh-

- Spruce vetochki-

- lenty-

- orehi-

- mandariny-

- yabloki-

- svechi-

- Thread.

Create a basis for the wreath: Bend the wire into a solid ring and tie small tufts of moss - so that the thickness of the finished rim was at least 5 cm of water moistens the moss, the composition happy with us a little longer.. Cut small sprigs of spruce and alternately fasten them to the base. Go to the registration of the wreath: take a different little things that exist at home (bells, ribbons), cones, circles dry orange, nuts and fasten all this "jewelry" to the wreath with fine wire, and apples and tangerines stuck in the moss on the wooden skewers.


- Clay gorshok-

- gips-

- provoloka-

- Strong palochka-

- fir branches-

- Pasta (bows) -

- Lacquer.

Let's try to construct a tree of individualtwigs on the basis of the wire frame. Create a base: in ceramic pot insert a solid stick and pour the plaster, this wand create a cone-grid of solid wire. Cut small sprigs of spruce and thick paste them into the frame, starting with the bottom tier, and gradually climbing up. At the top anchoring or tinsel and a beautiful braid wound around the tree like a garland. Prepare small toys, bells, beads, nuts and attach to the fur-tree with fine wire or suspended on eyelets. This herringbone worthy decorate a festive table or serve as an original gift of winter.

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