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How to make children's wall newspaper

How to make children's wall newspaper

With the necessity of writing wall newspapers and children face in kindergarten, in school and in summer camps.

First of all, the wall newspaper should be information-rich and colorful.

Do not forget about the aesthetic component in the design of this type of publication.

In order to perfectly draw the wall newspaper, should be aware of certain rules and to implement the recommendations of people who know a lot about this case.



Come up with an interesting, creative name for your wall newspapers. Form the editorial board.


Distribute the work on the selection of the necessary material, as well as registration of wall newspapers among the members of the editorial board or all children.


If your team has guys whowrite poems or write articles (we are talking about children older) with the task of writing the theme for the copyright of creative works (essays, essays, miniatures, poems, etc.). So, releasing a wall newspaper March 8, they can somehow original (in verse or use the comic ditties) congratulate mothers, caregivers or teachers, parents and the girls, who are next to them (in the same kindergarten group or in one class).


Select also members of the group decoration. These guys should be able to draw well or write well. If small children are not able to write, let them tell you out loud about his vision for the newspaper, and his statements in it, you will only have to write it all with his own hand.


Assign well as those who will be responsible forcomputer support (selection of the right materials and images via the Internet, possibly, execution on a computer text, etc.). Younger students nowadays already know how to cope with it easily.


Spend a meeting of the editorial board, whichDiscuss all the collected material and their distribution in the wall newspaper. Keep in mind that for the wall newspaper was a success, do not be boring and uninteresting, it is necessary to competently alternate illustrations or photos with information material and a variety of creative tasks (puzzles, crosswords, puzzles, charades, etc.).


If you decide to draw the wall newspaper March 8,Prepare in advance pictures moms, glue them on the wall newspaper and sign up under them wishes for them and Christmas greetings. Very interesting and touching the wall newspaper will look if the children will continue under the photos of the phrase "My mother is the most ..."


If the wall newspaper devoted to someone's birthday,then ask the children to draw a flower with lots of petals bright, where you can put pictures of all children kindergarten class or group, and in the center place the image of the birthday. Ask everyone to say out loud or write on the wall newspaper a few words-wishes for him. This leaflet probably for a long time will be the most prominent place at the birthday and to please him, because he will remember that he has a lot of real friends.


Do not forget about aesthetics during registrationwall newspapers, teach the children. Also, explain to them the importance of respecting the correctness of the material feeding and accuracy and caution in relation to the printed (or written) word.

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