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How to make children obedient

How to make children obedient

How often can witness the situation when frustrated parents pulled down the street restless and unruly child.

Almost all children go through a period of awareness of his or her identity, showing around his disobedience.

The task of parents - to help the child at this time to realize that adults wish him nothing but good.



Most say to the child about what you can do and what - you can not, teach it to the established norms of behavior.


Before you demand something from the kid, teach him to fulfill it. Over a period, do it with your child until you are sure that he has learned.


Clearly tell your child that the punishment thatawaits him in case of disobedience the parents' request. His promises of punishment, otherwise you do not get to make obedient child. If a child says that adults do not hold back a word and forgive his disobedience, he further continues svoevolnichat.


Choose the most suitable time fordiscussion with his child behavior. At the moment of contact the child must be calm, for example, such a time can be in the bath of a child or a walk with him.


In matters relating to the child, let himchoice. For example, he can choose what he will have breakfast from the two proposed options. Thus, he will understand that you do not have the goal to control and restrict it in everything. Such an approach will help make a child obedient, the fumes will be easier to perceive parental request.


Communicating with a child, choose a tone, whichthe child will be easier to stay attentive to the dialogue and obedience. Change irritability on politeness, so you get rid of many problems related to the child's behavior. Kindness and affection can create a miracle with your child.


To lost in thought the child heard you talk before, take him by the hand, pat, take a look in the eye and calmly express your request.


Lay the baby to bed no later than 22 hours. If he goes to bed later, very likely that the next day he will be moody and less obedient.


Be reasonable love for her child is notindulge his whims. Determine the family general line of conduct to one of the parents I was not in the eyes of a child angry and greedy, and other loved ones and trouble-free.

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