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HOW to make fun of felt flowers

How to make fun of felt flowers

In the spring I want to decorate your house and nothing is a better choice of colors.

Unfortunately fresh flowers will soon wither. So why not make artificial flowers with his own hands.

Especially good are bright, cheerful colors of felt!

You will need

  • - Felt sheets of different colors
  • - scissors
  • - buttons
  • - Thread with a needle
  • - Wooden skewers
  • - glue



Cut out felt flowers of various shapes and sizes. Just think, will be at your inflorescence 1 coat colors or better to combine 2-3 different flower colors and shapes.


Match each flower buttons to fit in color and size. The inflorescence can be 1 or more button.


Sew all the layers of colors and all layers of buttons one flower at a time (it's faster than sew each layer separately).


Glue or sew the resulting inflorescence to a wooden skewer. Now we have to decorate the house to get the color. They can be inserted into the pots and flower vases, cups for crayons.

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