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How to make cheap internet

If you have installed is not unlimited internet, and internet fee which is calculated on the basis of incoming and outgoing traffic, it is in your power to make the minimum payment for it.

There are several methods that can at times reduce the cost internet and they vary depending on the time required to configure them.



The simplest option - it is to turn off images,Using the menu in the browser. In this case, the information that is downloaded to your computer appears in front of you in plain text, without images. Pictures sometimes occupy too much space and are one of the key elements that are "heavier" traffic.


Use a web proxy. These are the sites that allow you to remotely view the Internet-Pages, and at the same time support certainfunction, for example, the abolition of executable scripts java, the abolition of support for flash and images. In this way, you not only increase the download speed, but also reduce the amount of traffic that you expend. To do this, go to a site that provides these services, check the boxes on the windows, turn off the corresponding flash, images and java.


The most effective, and at the same time most difficultoption - is to use Opera mini web browser. To use it, you first need to install java emulator. After you install it, run the Opera mini browser, turn off pictures and enjoy web surfing, saving up to 90% of your traffic.

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