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How to make cheap internet


How to make cheap internet</a>

In the event that you have not installed unlimited Internet, and the Internet, the payment for which is calculated based on incoming and outgoing traffic, then in your power to make a fee for it is minimal.

To do this, there are several methods that allow you to reduce the cost of the Internet at times, and they vary depending on the time that is required to configure them.



The easiest option is to disable pictures,Using the menu in the browser. In this case, the information that is downloaded to you on the computer appears in front of you in text form, without pictures. Pictures take sometimes a lot of space and are one of the main elements that "heavier" traffic.


Use a Web proxy. These are sites that allow you to remotely view the InternetPages, and at the same time support certainFunctions, for example, cancellation of executable java scripts, cancellation of support for flash and images. Due to this you not only increase the speed of the site load, but also reduce the amount of traffic that you spend. To do this, go to the site that provides these services, check the boxes corresponding to disabling flash, pictures and java.


The most effective, and at the same time, the most complexOption is the use of the web browser Opera mini. In order to use it, you first need to install the java emulator. After you have installed it, start the Opera mini browser, disconnect images and enjoy web surfing, saving up to 90% of your traffic.

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