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How to make a cd-drive laser

Who has not dreamed of the boys in childhood have a real combat laser sizzling imaginary enemies at a distance? Time does not stand still.

Although the boys have grown up, and imagined enemies have ceased to exist, today it is possible to make cd-drive laser.

The same.

This and combat.



The first thing you need to do - is to make out writing CD-RW, DVD and BLU-RAY-drive. Make of the cd-drive laser It is also possible, but have all the required properties it will not. Moreover, it will not be seen, because lasercd-s of drives infrared radiation. In other consumer devices lasers have sufficient capacity.


Loosen the screws on the drive, remove ittop cover, locate and remove the diode. Because the drives are different design, review its position in advance. Diode looks like two superposed small cylinders of different diameters. If viewed from the side, it looks like a schematically depicted hat. He has three pins. To make the drive laserYou need top - plus - and medium -minus. The bottom can be removed or bent. The efficiency of the diode check with two conventional AA batteries. The most important during the entire operation and the further use of laserand - does not shine into the eyes in any case. Otherwise, you can lose sight.


As the outer carton laserand Chinese Pointer fit perfectly. Take it apart, insert a diode of the drive. The only improvement that you need - is to connect to the orders two penlight batteries. Also, as the body can use a small flashlight and to insert the laserdiode instead of the reflector. Like laser can light matches, burn the paper and leave marks on the plastic.

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