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How to make candles with sand

How to make candles with sand

Homemade Candles - it is not just an interesting exercise, but also a subject for interior decoration.

To produce them is very simple, but the process itself will appeal to both adults and children.

You will need

  • Wax or ordinary household candles
  • The thread for the wick
  • Slightly moist river sand
  • Container for sand
  • Dishes for melting wax
  • Stirring rod wax
  • Several needles or rods



Fill the container with sand. Give the desired shape the future of candles. Take a few finger depressions - they come in handy if you want to make candles in the shape of "the pot on legs."
Insert thread (wick) in the center of the recess in the sand. Make sure it is seated firmly and vertically.


Melt the wax in a pot, stirring stick. If there can add color and aromatic essential oils.


Carefully pour the wax imprint in the sand. Attach string (wick) to the spokes. Leave the candles to complete solidification of the wax.


Remove the finished candles from the sand.

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