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How to make brushes for shawls

How to make brushes for shawls

Scarf or shawl always been relevant attribute of women's wardrobe, as a gentle warm enveloping gives a sense of softness and comfort.

How many man-made products are made by skilled hands. And of course, the indispensable decoration of any edge or fringe shawl is a brush.

There are several ways that allow you to make brushes for shawls, and each in its own original and beautiful.

You will need

  • Threads, book, scissors, hook



If the shawl had already made and was finalbar in the form of brushes, then it will require the same thread textures and colors. If the handkerchief is connected from multiple yarn colors, and brushes you can use the same thread.


Before doing themselves a brush, you need to cutbillet, which received quite a large number. When manufacturing consider their length, so the calculation of such a strand is taken which corresponds to twice the length of the brush. For example, choose a brush length of 15 cm, therefore, need to make a length of 30 cm. It is also necessary to consider how to "fluffy" each brush, and, on this basis, count the number of cut pieces. For example, the brush will contain 10 strands, therefore, for its production need 5 pieces.


To make it convenient to do blank,pick up a book with a width of 15 cm. Then take a skein of yarn and begin to evenly wrap the book in width. Thereafter, on the one hand cut the wound thread. These result in the desired blank size. If their number is insufficient, then perform the same manipulations several times. Such a method eliminates the time-consuming process of manufacturing a line of brushes.


To form the brushes combine the thread of 5 pieces, then take each bundle for mid skip the hook over the edge shawls, Grasp the middle of the proposed brush andpull through the loop of thread edges. So turn the brush on the shawl. Continue to perform the same manipulation at regular intervals. The smaller the distance between the brushes do, so fluffy and voluminous fringe will look on the product. Once all hands will be fixed on the edge shawls, Align them with scissors.


You can slightly modify the resultingdecoration. In this case, two adjacent brush, divide into 2 pieces and connect with each other node. So continue to bind every adjacent brush. As a result, they can be made in the form of a braided network that will help to make a note of originality in decoration comfortable beautiful product.

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