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How to make brushes for shawls


How to make brushes for shawls</a>

A shawl or a shawl has always been an actual attribute of a women's wardrobe, as a warm gentle wrapping gives a feeling of softness and comfort.

How many man-made products are made by skilled hands. And of course, an indispensable ornament of the edge of any shawl is a fringe or a brush.

There are several ways that you can make brushes for shawls, and each of them is original and beautiful in its own way.

You will need

  • Threads, a book, scissors, a hook



If the shawl is already made and the finalStroke in the form of brushes, then this will require threads of the same texture and color scale. If the scarf is connected from a yarn of several colors, then for the brushes you can use the same thread.


Before you do yourself brushes, you need to cutBillets, which will be quite a large number. When manufacturing, take into account their length, so when calculating this line is taken, which corresponds to twice the length of the brush. For example, the chosen length of the brush is 15 cm, therefore, you need to make 30 cm long pieces. Also, you need to consider how "fluffy" each brush is, and, based on this, calculate the number of cut preforms. For example, the brush will contain 10 threads, therefore, it requires 5 blanks to make it.


In order to make it convenient to make blanks,Choose a book with a width of 15 cm. Then take a skein of yarn and begin to evenly wrap the book in width. Then, on one side, cut the wound threads. As a result, workpieces of the required size will be obtained. If their number is not enough, then do the same manipulations several more times. This method will save you from the long and time-consuming process of making brushes under the ruler.


To form the brushes, combine the threads of 5 pieces, then take each beam by the middle, pass the hook over the edge Shawls, Grab the middle of the putative brush andPull the threads out through the loop formed. This will result in a brush on the shawl. Continue to perform the same manipulations at regular intervals. The less you make the distance between the brushes, the furry and thicker the fringe on the product will look. After all the brushes are fixed on the edge Shawls, Trim them with scissors.


You can slightly modify the formeddecoration. In this case, divide the two neighboring brushes into 2 parts and connect them together with the knot. So keep linking every neighboring brush. As a result, they can be made in the form of a woven network, which will help to bring a note of originality in the decoration of a cozy beautiful product.

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