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How to make bread in maynkraft

How to make bread in maynkraft

Bread on a par with French fries - the most popular kind of food in Minecraft.

If you build even the small wheat farm, it will be one of the most reliable sources of food in the game.

How to create a bread in Minecraft

To make the bread in Minecraft, you will needwheat. Wheat can be grown from the seeds of the tall grass, which is full throughout the world Maynkraft. With some probability the destruction of tall grass block you can get the seeds. If they are put on a tilled seedbed of them to grow wheat.

To create bread, open the workbench. Complete blocks wheat any of the horizontal lines. Make as many as possible of bread. One "loaf" restores the three units of satiety. If you want to explore the larger cave, you need to take no less than stacks (64 pieces) of bread.

To make a bed, and you will need a pondhoe. The pond can be done by yourself, if you have a bucket. In the initial stages of the game to get the iron from which you can create this object it is difficult, so you can use the nearest shore natural reservoir for the first wheat farm.

To save the wheat fields of trampling monsters, you can enclose their fence. Or to move the field into the ground over time.

Choppers can be made out of sticks and boards. To do this, place on the bench in the lower cells of the central vertical two sticks, and place the top two boards horizontally, so that one of them held the top center of the cell, as shown in the attached figure.

Sometimes the bread can be found in chests and treasures of abandoned mines.

To dig up the flower bed, take the chopper in his hand,right-click on a block of land situated no more than four cells from the water supply. Do not run and jump on the garden beds, as well you can trample them, and all have to start again.

How to grow wheat

After creating the beds, plant the seeds in themwheat. It is desirable to provide them with good lighting, because they grow up so much faster, because it does not depend on the solar cycle. By planting the seed, go do other things.

Matured wheat has the characteristic yellowishcolor. With the destruction of the block, you will get wheat grains and seeds. Seeds desirable to immediately put in a bed, to secure an uninterrupted supply of raw materials for bread. Try to plant wheat as large area, because you need a lot of food for the world of research.

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