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How to make brandy

How to make brandy

Brandy is a strong alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruit or berry juice.

For grape brandy concerns including many favorite cognac.

Grape brandy

this drink production technologies moreThey vary depending on the species of brandy. The most common type is a grape brandy, which is made from fermented grape juice. These include cognac, armagnac, the American grape brandy and grape brandy from other countries.
This cognac is produced in the samethe French city with the help of the double distillation of fermented grape juice. Armagnac also produced in France, it is obtained by a single continuous distillation. Historically, Armagnac is the first distillation liquor in France.
First, the wine material is fermented for 3-4weeks in closed containers. The resulting liquid strength of 9 to 12 degrees is placed in the still, where it is heated to boiling temperature. Formed during boiling of the wort pair alcohol concentration which is several times higher.
After the first distillation, the amount of the initialraw materials is reduced by half, and the fortress increased in three. The second division includes distillation of alcohol fractionation, brandy alcohol is a secondary fraction.
Distilleries brandy can be a la carte or continuous. In the first case, the drink is a more aromatic and saturated, in the second - easier and more delicate.
Cognac and Armagnac are subject to aging in oak barrels. Stored barrels at 18-20oS and humidity of 75-85%. Every year in the barrels topped alcohol, checked by stain and content acidity.
The taste characteristics of grape brandy is strongly dependent on the variety of grape used. The best cognac spirits are made from varieties with delicate floral aromas.

Fruit brandies and brandy from pressed

Another type of brandy is a brandy made frompressed grape pulp and seeds. And finally - a fruit brandy made from berries or other fruit. Famous fruit brandies - Calvados on apples, plums and plum brandy in the kirsch in the cherries.
Many scrap obtained from brandy and fruit brandies are notmaintained, and therefore they are transparent. In this case, the manufacturer must indicate on the label that brandy unseasoned. However, most exposed to at least two years of aging.
After holding a drink is about70-degree castle, so it is diluted with softened water, sugar syrup, or color scheme. The final stage is to filter the resulting alcohol and bottling.

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