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How Brandy Works


How Brandy Works</a>

Brandy is a strong alcoholic beverage, made from fermented fruit or berry juice.

To grape brandy includes, including a favorite by many cognac.

Grape brandy

The production technologies of this drink are severalDiffer depending on the variety of brandy. The most common type is grape brandy, which is made from fermented grape juice. This includes cognac, Armagnac, American grape brandy and grape brandies from other countries.
This cognac is produced in the same nameFrench city with the help of a double distillation of fermented grape juice. Armagnac is also produced in France, it is produced by a single long distillation. Historically, Armagnac is the first distillation drink in France.
First, the wine material is fermented within 3-4Weeks in closed containers. The resulting liquid with a strength of 9 to 12 degrees is placed in the distillation cube, where it is heated to the boiling point. When the wort boils, vapors are formed, the concentration of alcohol in which is several times higher.
After the first distillation, the volume of the originalRaw materials are reduced by half, and the fortress is increased by three. The second distillation involves the separation of alcohol into fractions, the cognac alcohol is the middle fraction.
Distillation devices for brandy can be batch or continuous. In the first case, the drink turns out to be more aromatic and saturated, in the second - more light and delicate.
Cognac and armagnac are aged in oak barrels. Barrels are stored at a temperature of 18-20 ° C and a humidity of 75-85%. Every year, alcohol is added to the barrels, the color and acidity of the contents are checked.
The taste characteristics of grape brandy strongly depend on the type of grapes used. The best cognac spirits are prepared from varieties with delicate floral aromas.

Fruit brandy and brandy from alcohol

Another type of brandy is brandy fromPressed grape pulp and seeds. And finally - fruit brandy, made from other berries or fruits. Famous fruit brandy - calvados on apples, plum on plums and kirschwasser on cherry.
Many brandies of pomace and fruit brandy are notSo they are transparent. In such a case, the manufacturer must indicate on the label that the brandy is not fresh. However, the majority is exposed to a minimum of two years of exposure.
After aging the drink has approximately70-degree fortress, so it is diluted with softened water, sugar syrup or stain. The final stage is the filtration of the obtained alcohol and bottling.

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