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Braids of yarn in a hippie style or boring -fashionable and original hair ornament that can be worn indefinitely and amaze people around informality and originality of their hairstyles. Weave colorful threads of the bore can floss for any length of hair - both long and short.

There are two most common ways of weaving bores.



Take colored thread floss and cut twothread of the same length in excess of long double strand of hair, which you will braid. Allocate enough thin strand of hair with a comb, and at the base of the two tie threads ordinary knot. Tie a knot twice to thread does not slip from the strands.


Holding the hair at the base of the fingers, againTighten the knot and start winding a strand of hair and straightened the three strands of the fourth string. Winding strand so that the turns of thread abut each other.


Once you weave some distancepigtails one color, take strands of different color thread and continue to braid strand, tucking inside the previous thread color. Change the color, until the thread runs out, and while the lock is fully braided. At the tip of the strand gently tie a knot.


To remove the pigtail after a while, carefully unwind the thread and remove the bundle, then straighten and comb the hair.


There is another way of weaving bores whichIt is more convenient than the first, because the thread does not slip from the hair strands during braiding. Fasten the thread to a bundle of hair strands, and then weave strands of the braid, weaving into her skin.


Then start the free ends of colorstrands to braid pigtail. In contrast to the first method of weaving, here you need to braid strand of half-loop, threading end of the thread in the previous loop. Each time pull the thread to tighten the half-loop.


Repeat nodules as long as necessary, until it reaches the desired pigtail lengths. Decorate bore beads and beads.

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