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How to make boots


How to make boots</a>

Professional shoes, it should be noted - pleasure is not cheap. And if you are engaged in football just for your own pleasure, then it makes no sense to buy expensive shoes.

It is enough to have simple sneakers.

It is even better to have old sneakers, or those that you will not wear any more.

It is from these that an excellent basis for your self-made boots will come out.



If you refer to the history of shoes for football (this is the right way to call it Boots), You will see that everything started with leather,Working shoes with soles on the sole. Hence, the main difference between boots from any other sports shoes are thorns that do not allow the soles to slide during running. Especially it is convenient when you have to train on a wet or poor-quality lawn. Enter the image of Adolf Dassler, who in 1925 made a breakthrough in the world of sports shoes, inventing a model with spikes, and get down to business.


To begin with, you need to say that if you do not wantSeriously puzzle, go to the shoe store or workshop, where you will find special rubber bands with rubber, metal or plastic spikes. These devices are designed to attach to shoes in adverse weather conditions (slush, drizzle, ice). A good option for boots "own production."


Other ways to improve sneakers:
Glue to the sole of corrugated rubber from old skis (the glue must match the material of the sole and be water resistant).


Screw the screws into the soles. If the sole is not very thick, you can screw in the T-shaped plates with the holes for the self-tapping screws, which will serve as the thorns. It should be noted that the number of studs on the shoe depends on what surface you are on (basically their number is 6, 12 or 13).

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