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How to make a bootable USB flash drive

How to make a bootable USB flash drive</a>

Probably, almost all at least once in my lifeInstalled Windows XP from a bootable CD-ROM, and agree that this is a quick and convenient way to install Windows even on a computer with a faulty system. However, in some cases, the CD does not help? CD-drives sometimes fail, some people simply do not have such a drive in the system unit, and thousands of modern PC users have light and compact netbooks, in which the laser drive is not available at all.

It is for such cases that you need a bootable flash drive.

It helps to install the system on a computer that does not support reading CDs.

You will need

  • USB Flash Boot Software



To create a bootable USB flash drive, to startFind the USB drive itself with a volume of 1-2 GB. Then select the appropriate ready-made assembly of the operating system. You will mount it on a USB drive with a bootable area, the "USB Flash Boot" program, which can be downloaded from the Internet, will help you.


Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, and then open the USB flash drive.Download the program and find the file usb_prep8.cmd in it. Run it to open the command line. The appeared window can not be closed during the entire creation of the boot drive.
Start the flash drive preparation program by pressing any key. Specify the path to the flash drive, and the program will automatically format the USB flash drive, taking the first step to preparing the boot area.


Now find and open the folder? Bootsect? And run the file? BootSect.exe? Only using the command line? Cmd ?. A new console opens, in which you will type: bootsect.exe / nt52 f:


Go back to the very first console with the commandLine and do all that it requires of you. Press the number? 1? And specify the path to the disk or virtual image of the operating system, which will be placed on the flash drive. After that, press? 2? And create a temporary virtual disk with your operating system and its source files. Now press? 3? And indicate the letter designation of your flash drive in the system. When you press the numbers? 4? You start copying the operating system to a USB flash drive with a prepared boot area. Confirm the action by pressing? Y? And wait for the result. After the end of the recording process, check the performance of the bootable USB flash drive on your computer or someone else's computer.

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