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How to make beautiful pictures of a pet?

How to make beautiful pictures

Almost everyone likes to take pictures of your own pet.

How best to capture the memory of a loved one on the other?

Most importantly, have a lot of patience.

There are a few tips to help you get a good photo.



Before you start to take pictures of theirpet let him get used to the camera. Let him sniff it, look and sit beside him. In order to pet quickly got used to the camera, you can treat any sweetness or put next to a favorite toy.


Nature - the perfect background for photos. However, not every owner can bring your pet in the yard, you can take a picture next to the window in this case. Doing a photo near a window to avoid the sun's rays hit the lens.


It is best to use natural lighting. No need to take pictures with the flash, since it not only spoils the picture, but also blind animal.


Try to make your pet porter. Pets like people, have their own unique character. Catch them a playful mood or a thoughtful look. To do this, select the portrait shooting on the camera.


Do not forget about the photos, which your pet sleeps. To take a photo you need to go quietly into the pet and take pictures of it. You can make the photo close-up of attractive faces.


Very popular now enjoy eye photos. Nose or paw. To make a recording you must use the macro.


Good photos are obtained when your pet plays or hunts. Movement - is the daily behavior of any animal which perfectly conveys his character, mood and habits.


Pictures obtained during the meal and very funnyoriginal. Try to catch the odd frame at a time when you pet chews on a bone or drinking milk. Shoot so that the meal was not broken.


It is not necessary to torture the animal during shooting. If the photos are not obtained and the animal begins to respond aggressively to the camera, it is best to pause and move the photo session. Give it a rest and has treated a favorite delicacy.

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