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How to make beads in ethnic style

How to make a necklace in ethnic style

Agree that the beads perfectly highlight any image. I suggest that you make with your hands in the ethnic style beads.

Their versatility lies in the fact that they are suitable for every style of clothing.

You will need

  • - Large wooden beads - 13 piece-
  • - A medium-sized beads - 15-20 piece-
  • - Acrylic kraska-
  • - White outline on steklu-
  • - leska-
  • - Clasp for bus-
  • - Toothpicks or cotton palochki-
  • - Thin kistochka-
  • - karandash-
  • - cardboard box.



The first thing to do - is to print or srisovat pattern that will continue to be a model for our handicrafts.


Now, the printed image with a template you want to transfer to the wooden beads with a pencil.


Then firmly push-fit beads on toothpicks. If you use cotton buds, before using them, you need to remove the cotton wool.


It's time to start coloring the beads. For this poppy thin brush in acrylic paint and draw out a pencil drawing drafted precisely along the contour. Once painted bead, leave it to dry, resting on the edge of the carton for 5-10 minutes.


White contour glass fill the remaining gaps between the pictures on the beads. Then leave to dry for 3 hours.


Beads dry out. Carefully remove them with toothpicks or cotton swabs, and then spread on the line so that the large wooden beads interspersed with medium. It remains to fix the clasp. Necklace in ethnic style ready! If you want, you can make it to the bracelet. You get a very nice set!

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