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How to make apple Braga

How to make apple Braga

Apple home-brewed beer has a pleasant taste and aroma.

Prepare it at home is not difficult, but the process takes time.

Especially handy this recipe when you have a lot of fallen apples that need to somehow use.

You will need

  • - 15 kg of ripe apples
  • - 10 l of water
  • - 2 kg of sugar
  • - 50 g dry yeast
  • - Rubber medical glove or a water seal



The first thing to do - to sort apples, peeled, cut. To prepare the mash and use the pulp and rind.


Squeeze the juice from the apples using a juicer. If you do not have it, you can grate apples in a conventional grater and then use the pulp. Please note, if you cook the apple pulp, it should be smooth.


Dissolve the yeast with warm, but not boiling water (full instructions you can find on the package with the yeast). Place the apple juice, yeast, sugar and water to the vessel and mix until homogenous.


Put on the rubber neck tankmedical gloves, pre-pierce the needle into her hole in the toe area. If you have a water seal - use it. Leave the mixture to ferment for 30-40 days in a dark place.


When brewed beer will be ready, the glove blown off. Strain Braga to full transparency, get rid of sediment. From the resulting mash can be cooked apple moonshine or use as an independent low-alcohol beverage.


Also you can cook without adding Bragayeast - then it will be called cider. Before cooking, so as not to spoil the 15 kg of apples, it is better to spend a little test: grind 1 kg of apples. Important: you need to grind the apples without washing them - it is at the surface contains yeast fermentation. Leave to ferment for 2-3 days - so you will know whether the sweet apples enough for fermentation.

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