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HOW to make in Photoshop oval frame

How to make an oval frame in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop - is a kind of monster, with which you can solve a variety of graphics tasks.

Including such as the creation of oval frames for photos.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop CS5



First, find the picture you willuse as background. On the title picture used pattern downloaded from sxc.hu - repository of free images. If you decide to take a picture for the background from there, keep in mind that you are required to register.


Open in Adobe Photoshop this picture. To do this, click the "File" menu (File) & gt- «Open» (Open) or hot keys Ctrl + O, select the file and click "Open".


Select the tool "Elliptical Marquee"(Elliptical marquee tool) and use it to create an image on an oval, which your idea will be the outside of the frame. In the tool settings, click "Subtract from selection» (Subtract from selection) and create a new oval, which will be the inside of the frame.


Press the key combination Ctrl + J. Thus, you have created a new layer, which will only be allocated oval frame. Find this layer in the Layers list, which in turn is located in the "Layers» (Layers, if it is not, press F7), click the right mouse button and from the menu select "Blending Options» (Blending options).


In the next window, select "Shadow» (Dropshadow, the parameter list is on the left side of the window), in "Blend Mode» (Blend mode), select "Multiply» (Multiply), in the "Angle» (Angle) - 125 degrees, "Size» (Size) - 20- 30 pixels, leave the other values ​​unchanged. Select "Embossing» (Bevel and emboss) and install it the following values: "Style» (Style) - «Inner Bevel» (Inner bevel), «method» (Technique) - «Smooth» (Smooth), play around with the settings "gloss contour» (gloss contour), «the backlight mode» (highlight mode) and the "shadow mode» (Shadow mode), leave the rest unchanged. Select "Contour» (Contour), under "Contour" select "Half circle» (Half round), and the rest also leave unchanged. Click OK.


In the Layers list, right-click onBackground layer in the menu that opens, select the "From the background" in the new window, click OK soon. You have turned into a full background layer. Select the layer with the frame, activate the tool "Magic Wand» (Magic wand tool) and click once with the left mouse button in an area that is inside the box, so this area is highlighted. Select the layer that was before the background, and then press Delete on your keyboard. The frame is ready, now it is necessary to insert a photo into it.

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