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How to make an order

How to make an order

Modern office work is regulated by a variety of federal laws and regulations.

Knowledge of their greatly facilitates the work of HRand secretaries, allowing you to easily organize, store and use the necessary documents in full compliance with the requirements adopted for document management in the organization.

But if you still do not have much experience in office work, and urgently needed, for example, to make an order, please read the recommendations in the article and safely get down to business.

The order refers to a group of administrative documents and contains, as a rule, orders and instructions, obligatory for execution.

You will need

  • Computer, printer, paper



At the top of the center position full namethe organization closer to the center of the sheet name of the document - the word "order". Fix the date of the document to the left and to the right of the order number, in accordance with the order of registration in the book of orders. Below, specify the location of the document (the city, the name of another of the village).


In the center of the sheet, place the text of the order, starting with an explanation - in connection with which an order was issued, and what action should be taken as a result of this (dismissal, appointment, etc.).


Under the text of the order is a place for signaturesHead with details (name). Further, if needed, signatures of the persons with whom the order requires approval. The following signature of the actor directly, which is associated with the effects of the order of execution, classified as "familiar".

How to make an order

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