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How to make an order


How to make an order</a>

Modern workflow is regulated by many federal laws and regulations.

Knowledge of them greatly facilitates the work of HR personnelAnd secretaries, allowing you to easily organize, store and use the necessary documents in full compliance with the requirements adopted for the workflow in the organization.

But if you still do not have much experience in office work, and urgently needed, for example, to make an order, read the recommendations given in the article and boldly get down to business.

The order refers to a group of administrative documents and contains, as a rule, instructions and instructions that are mandatory for implementation.

You will need

  • Computer, printer, paper



At the top center, place the full nameOrganization closer to the center of the sheet name of the document - the word "Order". Record on the left the date of compilation of the document, and on the right the No. of the order, in accordance with the order of registration in the order book. Below is the location of the document (city, name of another settlement).


In the center of the sheet, place the text of the order, starting with the explanation - in this connection, the order was issued, and what actions should therefore be taken (dismissal, appointment, etc.).


Under the text of the order, place the place for the signatureThe head with a transcript (name). Further, if necessary, signatures of persons with whom the coordination of the order is required. Below follows the signature of the directly acting person to whom the consequences of the execution of the order are related, under the heading "acquainted".

How to make an order

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