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Make an offer unusual and see what happens

At a certain time in a man's life there comes a time when he can do with your beloved to marry him. They offer all the usual one and the same, namely, hand and heart.

While it is important that offers a man, it is equally important and the way he does.

You will need

  • Plaster and two photo frames, lipstick, familiar doctor radiologist reasons whilst the chosen picture, the keys to the apartment and car, a bouquet of flowers, friends and girlfriend, ring engagement.



Try to play with the characters. Make an impression his hand in a cast, and insert into the frame. This is a hand that you will be offering. Then you will need a picture of the heart. You can on the left side of your manly hairy chest to draw a red lipstick heart and photograph it big, and then insert into the frame. Do not forget to write your name in the hearts of your darling.


You can go for more: make an X-ray of the heart! But to brighten its appearance, put a small picture of the people you'll be inside his heart to offer, and paste it into a beautiful frame. Undoubtedly the girl will be very pleased to see themselves, imprinted in your heart in such an unusual way. But too impressionable nature is physiologically naked heart is better not to offer. On advantage it can be assessed, only maybe, if your girl has anything to do with medicine.


To hand as opposed to the heart is not empty,put into a mold of your hand the keys to the apartment, car, money, and other symbols of your material achievements. It's kind of your dowry. A bouquet of flowers is also nice. But it is still easier to hold in their hands.


Remember the game of "ring-ring, go out on the porch?" If your intention is to get married, then you must also be in store ring that you wear on the finger of his beloved on the day of the so-called engagement. Invite your friends and friends, arrange a party and invite everyone to play this game. All sit side by side and folded her hands in front of a boat. You, as a master with a ring hidden in the palm of your pumps, spend their turns on the palms and gathered secretly invest in your hand ring bride. Once you have bypassed all, you have to loudly shout: "Ring-ring, go out on the porch!" Happy owner of a ringlet must run out to you at the time, all the playing, who in his hands no ring open their hands, holding back neighbors and do not give her a break. You can help her escape and immediately to put a ring on her finger with the words "marry me."

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