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How to make objection to the statement of claim

How to make objection to the statement of claim

If you think that you brought by a claim is unfounded, you have the right to object to the claim.

The objection must be distinguished from a counterclaim that gives rise to an independent court proceedings.

Rather, it is a review, which is one of the means to protect the defendant against the plaintiff.



Check out the statement of claim and determine what evidence (documents, certificates), you can submit to your objection It was founded.


Objection is served (or is sent a letter notifying) the court accepted the petition and written to the judge, it is in charge of the case.


Specify the name of who composed this objection (Name of person or company name), addresspermanent residence, date of birth, place of work). Enter the name (name), date of birth, place of work, and address of permanent residence of the claimant. These plaintiff you can take of the agreements concluded between you, or from the text of the statement of claim.


Imagine their objections to the claim. Note: all of them must be true, to be essentially the stated requirements and mandatory contain links to other laws and regulations to support your position. List all the evidence necessary to substantiate your position.


At the end of the text of the objections, ask the court topartial or complete failure of the claims. You can add the text of the petitions for the recovery of other evidence in the case, which are at the moment the plaintiff, or to summon additional witnesses that could shed light on the nature of the claim.


The annex to the objection select listdocuments and certified certificates are evidence in your defense. It will not be superfluous, if you specify a phone number or email address for which you can always find what you need for the timely and correct review of your case.


If your plans do not include deliberate delaying the case, imagine objection the court as soon as possible, so that the plaintiff was able to get acquainted with them before the hearing. However, only it depends on you whether or not to initiate him into all the details of your future protection during the process.

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