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How to make an invitation from Russia


How to make an invitation from Russia</a>

In order for a foreigner to come to Russia, he will have to overcome certain difficulties. Obtaining a Russian visa is impossible without an invitation, which the receiving party must arrange.

There are two ways to do this.

You will need

  • Your internal Russian passport and a photocopy of the alien's passport.



Write down all the personal data of yourFriend-foreigner. You will need this information when you make an invitation. In addition to the basic data indicated in the copy of his passport, write down information about the work of the foreigner, namely: the name, postal address and office phone / fax of the firm, the nature of its activities, the position and duties of the invited person. It is also necessary to clarify how long your friend is going to stay in Of Russia, What cities are planning to visit, and in which Consulate he will receive a visa.


Fill in the questionnaire at OVIR. Then it remains only to wait, the design of the invitation - it's not a fast one. Sometimes in the waiting weeks pass, and even months. Remember that you can only invite an alien yourself if he is going to come with a personal visit. For all other purposes, the procedure for issuing an invitation is different. If you want to speed up getting an invitation, it's better to use the following method.


Make a business or tourist invitation. An invitation of this type can not be registered on behalf of an individual. It is necessary to find an accredited organization that will file an application with the Foreign Ministry. Many large tourist companies deal with the issue of invitations of this kind. In this case, the invitation will be received quickly, but the costs will be higher.

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