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How to make an inscription on the cap

How to make a label on the cap

The inscriptions on T-shirts have long been a familiar and popular, so strike a similar element of clothes you hardly anyone will be able to.

If the desire to stand out from the crowd and impress still there, try the original inscription on the ... cap.

Print Shop

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind -salons and printmaker, specializing in fabric prints. Here you can easily make any inscription, will cause the desired image or photo on cap, baseball cap, T-shirt, shorts and even underwear. As a rule, these salons already have a ready set of stencil printing, from which you can choose the one that will appeal. It is possible to order and any custom design and print on cap the original words of your own. Samu cap in a salon you too are likely to be offered. The fact that often apply paint to the master fabric much easier if its structure and properties are well known. If, however, you will certainly want to sign a cap had brought with them, be prepared for the fact that in its interior texture or quality can someone not be satisfied. In case of doubt, the master simply can not know exactly how to behave material cap and therefore is not responsible for the end result. Decide, in any case, only you.

The hands

The original inscription can be done on the cap andindependently. If you know how to embroider or paint, no procedure is difficult for you not to be. The surface of the cap, you can decorative thread to embroider or embroider on a preliminary sketch. Upon request to the NITC can add beads or beads. Another option - painted with special paints on fabric. It all depends on the area of ​​the cap and your flight of fancy. In any case, you can be sure that such a headdress become truly unique.

Embroidery in the studio

Today, many also offer sewing studioservices decorative embroidery. Jobs, of course, will not be as unique as you would a cap embroidered with his own, but your cap, will still compare favorably with conventional caps with the printed labels. Embroidery in the studio by using a special machine, so the inscription is better to do a short and concise - long sentences just will not look good.

What and how to write

By the way, think about what is going to immortalizeon his cap. In contrast, T-shirts, there should not be placed long convoluted sentences or massive pictures - there is a risk that others will not be able to read the whole thing. Stay clear concise sentence or even one word. Remember - the smaller the excess, the more accurately your idea will work.

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