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How to make an inscription on a cap

How to make an inscription on a cap</a>

Inscriptions on T-shirts have long become familiar and popular, so you can hardly hit anyone with such an element of clothing.

If the desire to stand out from the crowd and impress all the same is, try to make an original inscription on the ... cap.

Salon of the press

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind -Salons and printing studios, specializing in fabric prints. Here you can easily make any inscription, will put the necessary picture or photo on the cap, baseball cap, t-shirt, shorts and even underwear. As a rule, such salons already have a ready-made set of stencilled inscriptions, from which you can choose the one that you will like. There is an opportunity to order some individual design and print on the cap the original words of your own composition. The very cap in this salon you, too, most likely, will be offered. The fact is that it is often easier to apply paint to the fabric to a master if its properties and structure are well known. If you necessarily want to sign the cap brought with you, be prepared for the fact that in the salon its texture or quality can not arrange someone. In doubtful situations, the master simply can not exactly know how the cap material behaves and, accordingly, is not responsible for the final result. Decide, in any case, only you.

With your own hands

The original inscription can be made on a cap andYourself. If you know how to embroider or paint, there will be no difficulty for the procedure for you. The surface of the cap can be embroidered with decorative threads or simply embroidered on a preliminary sketch. If desired, you can add beads or beads to the threads. Another option - painting special paints on the fabric. Here everything depends only on the cap area and your fantasy flight. In any case, you can be sure that such a hat will become really unique.

Embroidery in the studio

Today many sewing shops also offerServices for decorative embroidery. The work, of course, will not be as unique as if you were embroidering a cap with your own hand, but your cap, it would still be profitable to differ from ordinary caps with typographical inscriptions. Embroidery in the studio is carried out with the help of a special machine, so the inscription is better to make a short and concise - long phrases just will not look good.

What and how to write

By the way, think what are you going to perpetuateOn his cap. Unlike T-shirts, you should not place long intricate phrases or massive drawings - there is a risk that others simply can not read everything in their entirety. Stop on a clear laconic phrase or even one word. Remember - the less unnecessary, the more accurately your idea will work.

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