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How to make an inductor


How to make an inductor</a>

The coil of inductance is a conductor wound into a spiral, storing magnetic energy in the form of a magnetic field.

Without this element, it is impossible to build either a radio transmitter, or a radio receiver, to wireline equipment.

And the TV, to which many of us are so used to, without an inductor is unthinkable.

You will need

  • Wires of different cross-section, paper, glue, plastic cylinder, knife, scissors



Coil base Inductance - conductor. A magnetic field is always present around the conductor with the current flowing through it. The strength of this field depends on the current strength in the conductor. Another way to strengthen the magnetic field is to twist the conductor into a spiral. This is nothing more than a coil Inductance. The smaller the diameter of the coil, the more coils in it, the stronger the magnetic field produced by the coil. Radio amateurs usually wind up such coils themselves.


Inductivity is called the ability of a coil to create a magnetic field. The inductance in Henry is measured (HH).


Coils Inductance Do not produce in the form of standard parts withStandard characteristics, but are calculated and manufactured for each individual device separately. Therefore, when making a coil, you will first need to take into account the characteristics of the input and output signals of your radio installation.


For ultrashort wave and short-wave oscillation circuits, coils with a small number of turns and a thick wire are manufactured. Some of these coils do not have a skeleton.


For reception and transmission of radio signals on medium andLong waves use multi-turn coils (single-layer and multi-layer). To make a frame for such coils, you will need paper or plastic.


Number of coil turns during tuningRadio receivers and other equipment will have to be selected experimentally, changing the inductance of the coil. You can do this by winding and coiling the coil turns, but this method is not quite convenient in practice. Most often, a pull-out core of special magnetic materials is placed inside the coil. It can be an alsiphor (alloy of aluminum, iron and silicon).


Magnetic cores concentrate the magnetic fieldCoils, than increase its inductance. In this case, you can reduce the number of turns of the coil, which leads to a reduction in its size and dimensions of the radio device.

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