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How to make a certificate of income


How to make a certificate of income</a>

Information on the income of an individual is required in many circumstances.

In particular, for obtaining loans, entering the visa countries, obtaining benefits and discounts, etc.

Make it up at the place of work of the person to whom it is required.

The certificate of the form 2-NDFL reflects all income paid taxes.

Some banks are ready to provide a loan on a certificate written on the bank's letterhead.

This is in case the borrower receives a black salary, and the official income is very low.



To fill out the certificate 2-NDFL is obliged to the personResponsible for keeping records of income and withholding taxes, that is, the chief accountant of the enterprise or deputy. The head signs this document. It is obligatory to put the seal of the organization and indicate all the information of the taxpayer identification number, to whom they are issued a certificate and the organization that issued the certificate.


Information about Income Fill in for 6 or 12 months, depending on what the employee needs. The same period is indicated in the calculation of tax contributions.


The sums are written accurate, not shortened.


Accurate information about the employee and the organization issuing the certificate is filled in.


If the employee works for several employers, then each employer is obliged to fill out the form 2-NDFL.


If incomes are not official and tax contributions from income are not paid, then the employer refuses to fill out the official form of the certificate of Income. In this case, banks issue their forms for completion.


Revenues are indicated for a period of 6-12 months. Amounts are left over after taxation.


All the details of the recipient of the certificate and the organization issuing the certificate are written.


The TIN of the employee and TIN of the organization is also indicated. A seal of the organization issuing the certificate is put, the resolution of the head and chief accountant of the enterprise.


At the present time, the mass media are overflowed with announcements of assistance in obtaining information about Income.


For fake certificates filed in anyInstance, the bearer faces an administrative fine. In addition, do not forget, if you are going to issue a loan for a lime certificate, then the security service of the bank first checks the reliability of information submitted by the borrower and only after that comes a decision, will give you a loan or refuse.

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