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How to make an income statement

How to make an income statement

Information on the income of an individual is required in many circumstances.

In particular for credit entry visa in the country to receive benefits and discounts, etc.

Decorate it in the workplace the person to whom it is required.

The certificate form 2-PIT reflected all income taxes paid.

Some banks are ready to provide loan for help written on the letterhead of the bank.

This is the case if the borrower receives a salary of black, and the official income is very low.



Complete reference 2-PIT obliged personresponsible for keeping records of income and withholding tax, that is the chief accountant of the enterprise or the deputy. Signs the document manager. Be sure to bear the company seal and shall include all information INN, that someone issued a certificate and the organization that issued the certificate.


Details income filled for 6 or 12 months, depending on whether the employee is required. The same period is specified in the calculation of tax contributions.


Amounts written accurate, not abbreviated.


Fill accurate information about the employee and the organization issuing the certificate.


If an employee works for more than one employer, then fill in the form 2-PIT is required every employer.


If income is not official and tax contributions on income not paid, the employer refuses to fill in the official form of reference income. In this case, banks give out their forms to fill out.


Revenues are indicated for the period of 6-12 months. Amounts - remaining after tax.


All details are written certificate of the recipient and the organization issuing the certificate.


It also indicates TIN TIN employee and the organization. Stamped the organization issuing the certificate, the resolution manager and chief accountant.


At the time, the media filled with advertisement for help in obtaining certificates of income.


For the fake certificates, the charges in anyinstance, the bearer face an administrative fine. Also do not forget, if you're going to get credit for the phony certificate, the bank's security service first verifies the accuracy of the information submitted by the borrower, and only then comes the decision, you will be given a credit or denied.

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