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HOW TO make exclusive photo frame with his hands

How to make an exclusive photo frame with his hands

Gifts made by your own hands, especially pleasing. It is not always enough time to make something great.

However, to create some of the things you do not need a lot of time and most importantly money.

Do the task even a child.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • - A piece of burlap
  • - Trash
  • - PVA glue
  • - Gun with hot glue (or another purpose adhesive)
  • - Black paint (acrylic, in the cartridge or the ground)
  • - Acrylic paint with the color of any metal (serebo, bronze, copper)



Cut out of cardboard boxthe size of the intended frame. Inside the rectangle you need to cut a hole 0.5 cm smaller on each side than the image you are going to do the photo frame.


From burlap strips cut the size of the future party photo frames. Glue on a cardboard by using PVA glue. Wait until the glue dries out a bit.


With the help of hot glue from pitoleta (or otheruniversal glue) randomly paste pre-prepared stuff. It may be screws, nuts, springs, lids from yogurt, the wheels of toys, unnecessary buttons, etc.


Paint the resulting black acrylic designpaint or primer, you can use the paint in the can. Wait until dry. Then, almost dry brush or sponge to lightly go over the protruding portions of the paint with a metallic shade (silver, bronze, copper).


Photo fix in the frame with staples inserted between the cardboard and burlap. and, voila, ready for an exclusive gift!

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