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For admission to almost any Russian universityyou must have a certificate of delivery of uniform graduation examination according to the list determined according to the university. The right to pass a single exam have not only this year graduates.

This can be done by those who graduated from the Russian school earlier graduates of foreign educational institutions and a number of other categories of citizens.

Just think about this need in advance.

You will need

  • - A photocopy of the document on average obrazovanii-
  • - A document certifying lichnost-
  • - Help for psychological, medical and pedagogical commission or a certificate of disability (for the disabled).



Visit the official site of the higher educationinstitution in which you would like to do. Usually the list of required for entrance exams posted there on February 1st. But you can navigate around before. In the archives, you are sure to find a list of last year's exams. But after February 1, be sure to check it out again to clarify whether there were any changes. There should be information on whether the right of the university to conduct additional tests.


Having defined the list of exams, please contactEducation department of your locality. It must be done from 1 February to 1 March. Do not forget to bring an identity document. Typically, such a document is a passport. The education department you will be given an application form that must be filled by specifying exactly which items you intend to take. There you can find information about the timing of delivery and collection points.


Make a photocopy of the document of secondaryeducation. It is also necessary to submit to the Department of Education. A copy of the special secondary education certificate or diploma must submit all who graduated from a Russian school in previous years, the foreign school and vocational school.


If you have a disability, youmust submit some more documents. This conclusion can be psychological, medical and pedagogical commission or a certificate of disability group. It should be given institution entitled about public health and social expertise. This is necessary in order to determine the conditions in which you will take the exam.


Write an application before March 1, you get the righttake exams together with graduates of the current year. But for the graduates of previous years, graduates of secondary specialized educational institutions and some other categories are set and additional terms. They are determined by order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Last date of such an order can be found on the Federal Educational Portal. As a rule, this is one of the first of July.


Having missed all deadlines submission of applications, all of youYou have a chance to pass the exam and try to go to college this year. However, for this you must have a really good reason, confirmed by the corresponding document. This is considered to be the cause of, for example, illness. In this case, you will need to address is no longer in the education department of the place of residence, and in the examination board of the federation subject or the federal commission. This must be done at least one month prior to the exam.

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