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How to register for the exam


How to register for the exam</a>

To enter almost any university in RussiaIt is necessary to have certificates of passing the unified state examinations in accordance with the list determined by this institution. The right to pass a single exam is not only the graduates of the current year.

This can be done by those who graduated from Russian schools before, graduates from foreign educational institutions and a number of other categories of citizens.

You need to think about this in advance.

You will need

  • - a photocopy of the document on secondary education-
  • - a document proving identity-
  • - A certificate of the psychological-medical-pedagogical commission or a certificate of disability (for people with disabilities).



Go to the official website of higher educationAn institution in which you would like to enroll. Usually the list of necessary examinations is posted there on February 1. But it is possible to orientate approximately in the past. In the archives you will certainly find a list of last year's exams. But after February 1, be sure to check back there to see if there are any changes. There must also be information on whether the institution has the right to conduct additional tests.


After determining the list of exams, contactDepartment of education of your village. This is necessary from February 1 to March 1. Do not forget to bring your identity document with you. Usually such a document is a passport. In the education department you will be given an application form, which must be filled out, indicating which items you intend to take. In the same place you will be able to find out information about the deadlines and the points of admission.


Make a photocopy of the average documentEducation. It must also be submitted to the education department. A copy of the diploma or diploma of secondary specialized education must be submitted by all who graduated from the Russian school in past years, a foreign school, and also a secondary vocational school.


If you have a disability group, youIt is necessary to submit some more documents. This can be the conclusion of a psychological-medical-pedagogical commission or a certificate of a group of disabilities. It must be issued by an institution that has the right to conduct state medical and social expertise. This is necessary in order to determine the conditions in which you will take the exam.


By writing an application before March 1, you get the rightTo take exams with graduates of the current year. But for graduates of past years, graduates of secondary special educational institutions and some other categories, additional terms are also established. They are determined by the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The most recent such order can be found on the Federal Educational Portal. As a rule, this is one of the first numbers in July.


Missing all the terms of filing applications, you stillYou have a chance to pass the exam and try to enter the university this year. However, for this you must have a really valid reason, confirmed by the relevant document. Such a cause is considered, for example, a disease. In this case, you will need to apply no longer to the education department at the place of residence, but to the examination board of the subject of the federation or even to the federal commission. This must be done at least a month before the exams begin.

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