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How to make an envelope for the disc of paper

Envelopes for disks Paper

There are times when we need to keep the CD drive during transport or storage, but the packaging is not for him.

To help in this can a normal sheet of paper.



Take an ordinary sheet of A4 paper and we place a disc in the middle of the sheet.

Envelopes for disks of paper - put the disc on paper


Fold the long border of the sheet to drive was very close sandwiched between them.

Envelopes for disks Paper - Fold the border of the sheet


Bends one side so that the curved end closed a little more than half of the disc. On the other hand Fold the edge of the already folded side to get something like an arrow.

Envelopes for disks Paper - Fold the left and right arrow to make


Now & quot-arrow & quot- can be inserted into the opposite end of the folded sheet. Done! You can write on the front of the envelope some information about the disc.

Envelopes for disks of paper ready!

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