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How to compile an electronic resume


How to compile an electronic resume</a>

An electronic resume is an effective way to conveyBefore the employer information about the candidate for a vacancy. It helps to create an image of a business person, attracts attention and makes you choose in your favor.

How to create an electronic resume correctly?



Create an electronic resume in a Microsoft Word document. The file should be named after its surname, for example, "Ivanov.doc". This will make it easier to find exactly your resume.


Please note that in large companies and agenciesElectronic resumes often undergo primary processing through special programs that screen out excess, analyzing keywords, work experience and age. It will be superfluous to ask in advance the parameters of selection and be guided by them.


Recruit your resume with a standard, easy-to-readFont, for example Arial, with a size of at least 10. Do not use special and specific characters - they may not be supported by the PC software of the HR manager. Do not archive the resume file - it's not a fact that your letter will be unarchived and read in a foreign computer.


Write a cover letter. Avoid superfluous and ornate expressions, write simply and concisely, for example: "Dear manager! I apply for the position of the lead manager. I enclose a summary. Sincerely, Sergey Ivanov. " The mistake is to send a resume without a cover letter - such attachments are often not even considered.


Before posting a resume, make sure that youMade all the necessary information about yourself and indicated the position you are applying for. Summary - this is not an essay, its style should be extremely concise and to the point. Clearly list all the important data, highlighting a few key points. The selection of subheadings and sections is also welcome, but do not overdo with different styles.


Check out the resume for literacy, at least withUsing the Microsoft Word editor. The presence of spelling and punctuation mistakes will not contribute to the image of a business, erudite, efficient person.


Before sending an electronic resume to a potential employer, make a trial send to your home or some other mailbox and make sure that the text is opened and read.

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