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How to make an artificial pond with his hands

How to make an artificial pond with his hands

Often gardeners and owners of the cottages are willing to elevate your site an artificial pond.

In order for it to do, you can contact a company specialized in this, but you can try to create it and their efforts.



Before starting the installation of reservoirs, decide towhat purpose you need one. They can be both decorative and functional. Decorative - it is a tool for landscape design. As a rule, they are located in one central place and ennobled fountains, cascades, plants. In addition, they create a certain climate, humidify the air. Functionality - in addition to the aesthetic function, and are of practical use. They can swim, breeding birds and fish. By using modern technology, you can combine these two qualities.


Make artificial reservoir in severalways. The simplest of them, when in the ground dug a hole, and it is set plastic container. Less of this method is that these containers have a small amount, and in winter can burst. You can make a special concrete bowl. This is the most expensive and time-consuming method. It requires the installation of reinforcement and concrete use a certain brand. The best and easiest way to make a film reservoir.


To start with the place where he islocated. It is desirable to find a well-lit, but to the direct rays of the sun do not fall. Do not place and close to the plantations, as the roots of trees or shrubs can damage the waterproofing.


Mark the outline of the future of the pond. It can be made of irregular shape, for it lay on the desired configuration, such as a rope. For ponds make the correct form of the marking pegs driven into the ground. Dig a hole the desired depth with a shovel. If you need a lot of depth, order special equipment. Once the pit is ready, clean the bottom of stones and roots. Place geotextile fabric, and the top geomembrane. Geomembrane seams cook a special welding machine. Place the pond soil, such as sand, stones. Fill it with water by two-thirds.

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