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How to file a petition with a court


How to file a petition with a court</a>

You can protect your rights by applying to the court. This form of protection of civil rights includes the Arbitration Procedural and Civil Procedure Codes.

You can apply for different reasons, but there are general requirements for its registration.

You will need

  • - the name of the court-
  • - the names of the parties to the case-
  • - address data-
  • - the name and essence of the claim-
  • - A request for which you want to obtain the consent of the court.



A petition refers to an individual orA collective petition submitted to state or local government bodies in writing. The most frequent petitions are brought to court.


Execute this document according to certain rules: The name of the court, the names of the parties involved in the case, the address, case number and title of the claim. And most importantly, the petition must necessarily contain a request to the court and the rule of law, on the basis of which this document is submitted.


The petition is signed by the applicant or the trusteeIm a person. In the latter case, a power of attorney is attached to the document. The application can be registered in person, although it is also possible to send the mail by registered mail with a notice.


The specific form for writing motions is notExists, they are made, proceeding from a concrete situation. During the court session, the petition can be filed orally. Petitions may be different: they are requests for the appointment of an expert examination, the restoration of a missed period of appeal or appeal, and so on.


In some cases, the petition is filedAt the same time as a claim, appeal or cassation complaint. Usually this happens when it comes to the need to restore the missed deadline. Such a petition is one of the most difficult, because it is necessary to convince the court of the validity of missing the deadline when filing a cassation or appeal. To file this petition is allowed not later than 6 months from the date of adoption of the appealed decision or from the moment of revealing the violation of his rights by the person. On the satisfaction of the request of the plaintiff, the court reports to the due dates.


Citizens have the right to file petitionsOnly when considering lawsuits, but also to appeal against the actions of state and non-state bodies. This can be, for example, petitions to local governments for the provision of material assistance, etc.

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