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How to make an ant farm


How to make an ant farm</a>

Ants farm is a wonderful gift for naturalists and nature lovers.

In addition to monitoring the farm for relaxation and stress relief, it will also help to study the behavior and lifestyle of ants.

An ant farm can be bought, but such a purchase will not be expensive.

You can save money if you make an ants farm with your own hands.



First, buy an aquarium in the pet store. It should be small (centimeters twenty in height) and narrow (the ratio of length to width should be about ten to one).


If such an aquarium is not on sale or youWant to save, take a sheet of glass, a knife for cutting glass surfaces and a silicone adhesive. Drawing on the sheet the contours of the parts of the aquarium, cut out pieces of the necessary size from the glass and glue them together. Then, when the glue dries, neatly trim the protruding pieces of silicone. The aquarium is ready.


Place in the aquarium white sand or specialGel for the ant farm. Of course, the gel will have to be paid, but its use has a number of advantages. In addition to the fact that the ant farm, filled with a bluish translucent gel, will look more aesthetically, the question of feeding the ants will be solved: the gel contains the nutrients necessary for ants to fully live.


When the ant farm is ready, takeA young uterus ready to lay eggs, and several worker ants, and place them inside. That ants do not scatter, cover the aquarium with a lid, but do not forget to take it off at least once a day, otherwise the inhabitants of the farm will suffocate.

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