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How to make an angel out of foil

How to make an angel out of foil

Shining angels foil can be hung on a string to a chandelier, and they will come to life with every movement of the air, shimmering in the light.

They can also be mounted on a toothpick and insert into the cup with a pencil on the desk.

You will need

  • - foil
  • - plastic
  • - toothpick
  • - glue
  • - threads
  • - scissors
  • - Blunt pencil



Cut a circle of foil 9 cm in diameter and bend,zaglazhivaya not fold. In the middle of the circle pierce with a toothpick and glue it to the foil. Cut a triangle with arcuate bottom and stick it in the middle of the semicircle silver side out.


From pink plastic make the head, and black- Eyes and mouth. Rectangle foil cut into strips for hair. Glue the eyes, mouth and hair to the head. And then insert the head in foil with a toothpick, to get an angel.


Cut two more round foil. Print and cut out the circuit, attach it to the fold of the folded half circle foil and cut.



Additionally cut and glue on top of the shirtangel silhouette so that the silver side of the shirt was on top of gold. Place the figure on a soft cloth and a blunt pencil drawing by selling face and hands. On the back of an angel paste thread and hang a chandelier.


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