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How to make friends on the Internet


How to make friends on the Internet</a>

Communication on the Internet should not replace meetings with friends and relatives.

But to ignore the communication capabilities of the global network to establish new ones and maintain old ties is not worth it.



Search interesting people can be in social networks,On dating sites and thematic resources. But the first option - social networks - is maximally promising. In social networks, people are easier to contact and respond to letters and comments from strangers.


To make new acquaintances on the Internet, you needTo be able to take the first steps. Do not be shy to write a girl or guy you like with a message of greetings and a question from which a long, strong friendship and even a romantic relationship can begin.


Communicate with new friends on the Internet you need right. Avoid the rustling classics of acquaintances: "Hello. How are you? "These three words hardly make anyone write a reply to a stranger today.


Communication is better to start with interesting questions. It is not difficult to determine the interests of a stranger. On social networks, view the user's page, as well as on dating sites, and on forums look at topics where the user interested you left messages, and draw conclusions about his interests and hobbies based on this information.


First dialogue with a new acquaintance in the open spacesA global network can easily become the last. And if you do not want to lose a potential friend on the network, communicate with him as if you met in real life, and do not sit in your room in front of your computer monitor. After all, the rule of the first impression is valid in the virtual space.


Do not hesitate to ask, but do not force yourself to. If the interlocutor responds to your messages in monosyllables and at long intervals, it's time to ask him if you are not too intrusive. Make sure that your communication is interesting not only to you, but also to your interlocutor.

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