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How to make a wreath of paper napkins


How to make a wreath of paper napkins</a>

You do not have enough decorations for a party or a holiday?

Try quickly and simply create a bright paper wreath of napkins, which are on any festive table.

You will need

  • - Hot Adhesive Pistol
  • - scissors
  • - 200 multi-colored napkins
  • - belt for hanging
  • - wire as a frame
  • - yarn



Fold the napkins stacked and cut from each circle. For convenience, you can cut several napkins at once, and not just one.


Crumble every napkin so that it resembles a flower petal. If the napkin turns around, then apply liquid transparent glue.


Gently wrap the wire frame of yarn. So it will be more convenient for you to fix each napkin.


Fasten each paper lobe from step 2 to the frame: insert the napkin between the yarn strands.


When the whole frame is covered with colored napkins, tie the tape for suspension to the very top. Your bright festive wreath for the party is ready!

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