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How to make a wreath of paper napkins

How to make a wreath of paper napkins

You do not have enough jewelry to a party or a holiday?

Try to quickly and easily create a bright wreath of paper napkins that are on any holiday table.

You will need

  • - Hot glue gun
  • - scissors
  • - 200 colored napkins
  • - Ribbon for hanging
  • - A wire frame
  • - yarn



Fold the napkins and cut stacks of each circle. For convenience can be cut several napkins, not one.


Crumple each napkin so that it looked like a flower petal. If the cloth is set, then apply a thin transparent adhesive.


Gently wrap the wire frame yarn. So you will be more convenient to attach each napkin.


Secure each lobe paper in Step 2 on the frame: insert the napkin between the strands of yarn.


When the entire frame is covered with colored napkins, tie a ribbon for hanging on the top. Your bright festive wreath for a party ready!

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